Cosyfeet the original, extra wide, extra deep, extra roomy footwear

There’s wide-fitting and then there’s Cosyfeet! We offer
a much roomier fitting than the wide-fitting footwear
you’ll find on the high street. We are a small, friendly
company based in Somerset with over 30 years’
of fitting swollen feet.

We believe in giving people with swollen or problem feet the most comfortable, stylish footwear possible. That’s why our designer combines the latest trends with premium materials, expert shoemaking and advanced foot-comfort technology. We also believe in keeping things simple so we offer a single width fitting (EEEEE+ for women, HH+ for
men) that can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling.

Our expertise is in fitting swollen feet. Our footwear isn’t just extra-wide, it’s extra deep as well which means it’s very roomy. It’s also adjustable so it can fit a range of swelling from minor to very swollen. We can also fit very wide feet, problem toes, bunions, bandaging and orthotics. Lots of thought goes into our shoemaking including carefully placed seams, comfy insoles and cushioned support.

Cosyfeet - Extra wide, extra deep, extra roomy footwear

What do we believe in? What sort of feet can we fit?

What makes our shoes different from the rest? Adjustable, removable insoles, opens right out, extra deep, extra wide

Why not try our extra roomy socks & hosiery...

Our exclusive Extra Roomy socks and hosiery are made with lots more material in the foot and leg parts to give a generous and comfortable fit for swollen feet, ankles and legs.

For optimum comfort, our Softhold® range includes Extra Roomy socks and hosiery that 
stay up gently yet securely without digging in, restricting circulation or leaving unsightly marks.

We include more material for a generous and comfortable fit.Our softhold range stays up without digging in.
Find out more... Call one of our helpful customer advisors on 01458 447275Find out more about our Footwear with our Managing Director, Andrew Peirce
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