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Podiatry Award 2017

Entries are now invited for The Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2017. This £1000 award is open to any podiatrist or podiatry student planning to engage in voluntary work, take up a work placement or carry out research, either in the UK or abroad. The winner’s application should demonstrate that their chosen project will develop their professional knowledge and skills while being of benefit to others.

Former winners have undertaken a wide range of initiatives including those relating to preventative foot care in the elderly and the podiatric needs of the homeless. Others have travelled to Asia, Africa, South America or Eastern Europe to help with conditions resulting from diseases such as Diabetes and Leprosy.

Diabetic Podiatrist Marie Stirling, Cosyfeet’s 2016 winner, is using the award to help finance NHS research to identify the best of two methods of Total Contact Casting (TCC). The results of her research will be presented as a ‘Health Economics Review’. This will be used to inform policy decisions regarding offloading techniques in the Grampian region and beyond.

“Identifying the pros and cons of these two offloading methods is crucial to understanding how we can best treat patients who require offloading in order to heal,” says Marie. “Saving someone’s limb is one of the most important things a podiatrist can do, and I’m delighted that this funding will help us learn how to do this more effectively.”

The winner will be requested to submit a report and photographs of their experience, and to be included in Cosyfeet publicity relating to the award.

Applications have now closed and the winner will be announced soon.


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