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My lovely Ellie’s and I!

CarolineCaroline is a Foot Health professional who is in her early 50’s and has been recommending Cosyfeet footwear to her patients for many years. Sadly Caroline suffers from Bunions which makes finding stylish looking comfortable footwear difficult. That was until she fell in love with a pair of Ellie shoes in the limited edition Summer Blue colour which were being exhibited by Cosyfeet at the Foot Health conference in Kettering.

Fit Test

Caroline's FeetI am a foot health professional in my early to mid 50s! Although I like to think of myself as younger - don't we all - certainly too young for Cosyfeet shoes! Having recommended Cosyfeet to my patients for many years suddenly I find myself wearing a pair. I fell in love with my pretty pale blue 'Ellie’s' when I saw them at the Foot Health conference in Kettering and before I knew it I had ordered a pair. They arrived and wonder of wonder fitted and as you can see from my photograph of my feet that doesn't happen readily. Off to work I go with a spring in my step from the lovely soft inner sole and wonderful flexible sole itself!

These shoes do indeed have 'soul' after a hard day’s work I came home still smiling as my feet were comfortable for once, what's more I had nothing but compliments all day. They were acquired primarily for wearing to work as you can see from the photo they go wonderfully with my scrubs, however they are too good to leave in the cupboard on my days off so here they are on a trip to London and despite the early start and lots of walking I am relaxed as we stop for a coffee, previously I would probably have been grumpy mum with sore tootsies!

Please note: The "Summer Blue" colour of Ellie has been discontinued. Other colours are still available.



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