Give a gift with practical benefits. Our useful gift ideas feature products specifically selected to make life that little bit easier, from walking canes, healthy back bags, and handy helpers for those every day activities as well as ways to relieve swelling or pain. Gifts that keep on giving, long past Christmas Day.

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  1. Folding Cane with Carry Bag
    Folding Cane with Carry Bag
    As low as £45.00
    Code: GN
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  2. Two Folding Hiking Poles
    Two Folding Hiking Poles
    Code: FV2BX
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  3. Restaleg - Extra Roomy
    Restaleg - Extra Roomy
    As low as £105.00
    Code: RE
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  4. Shoe Care Bundle
    Shoe Care Bundle
    Code: SHOEB
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  5. Healthy Back Bag - Baglett
    Healthy Back Bag - Baglett
    As low as £24.00
    Code: JD
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  6. Healthy Back Bag
    Healthy Back Bag
    As low as £65.00
    Code: HF
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  7. Folding Flip Stick Seat
    Folding Flip Stick Seat
    As low as £65.00
    Code: FSS
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  8. Height Adjustable Shock Absorber Cane
    Height Adjustable Shock Absorber Cane
    As low as £43.50
    Code: SAC
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  9. Folding Petite Walking Stick
    Folding Petite Walking Stick
    As low as £39.50
    Code: FWP
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  10. Elite Folding Cane
    Elite Folding Cane
    As low as £45.00
    Code: EFC
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  11. Soxon Sock Aid
    Soxon Sock Aid
    Code: SF01
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  12. Orthopaedic Folding Cane
    Orthopaedic Folding Cane
    As low as £42.50
    Code: OFC
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  13. Handi-Grip™ PRO
    Handi-Grip™ PRO
    Code: HGRIP
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  14. Folding Hiking Pole
    Folding Hiking Pole
    Code: FV02X
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  15. Revitive Medic
    Revitive Medic
    Special Price £299.99 £249.99 Are you entitled to VAT relief? Was £349.99
    Code: REVM
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  16. Restaleg
    As low as £89.00
    Code: RA
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