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Have you heard of SHOPS?

28 Aug 2013 09:20:04

A campaign was recently launched to raise awareness of the SHOPS scheme among mail order customers. But what exactly is it?

SHOPS - making mail order a safe way to shop

Cosyfeet has been a member of the SHOPS scheme for many years but what exactly is it?


SHOPS stands for ‘Safe Home Ordering Protection Scheme’. It protects readers of national newspapers by compensating them if an advertiser goes bust after receiving money for goods ordered. It applies to advertisements, catalogues and inserts carried in national newspapers and their supplements and includes digital facsimile versions.

For your peace of mind, any adverts showing the SHOPS logo is backed by the SHOPS promise: that if you place an order with the advertiser and they cease trading, the newspaper will ensure you get your money back.

So if you’re buying by mail order, look out for the logo that protects your money.

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Coming soon to Cosyfeet!

21 Aug 2013 13:14:39

Our exciting new autumn range launches in September. Here’s a sneak preview of some of our great new styles:

Our new autumn footwear range launches in September. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of some of our exciting new styles. We hope you like them!

Classic, elegant styling


Sandy is our extra roomy take on the classic boat shoe. It’s cleverly designed to look neat even on swollen feet and is made from beautifully, soft leather.

Supreme comfort with a flexible fit


Ideal for work or walks, Suzi looks deceptively slim-line but has lots of room for swollen feet. With sumptuous leathers, super-soft linings and a cushioned footbed, this classic, moccasin-style shoe is designed for comfort.

Relaxed, every day wear


This smart, comfortable lace-up is much roomier than it looks with stylish stitching that adds character and gives it a feminine touch. The soft, hand-finished leather cradles your feet in comfort while the shock-absorbing sole makes walking a pleasure.

Smart styling, roomy comfort

Smith & Jones

Smith and Jones are ideal if you want something smart but comfy that you can polish up. They’re very roomy and have a deep, seam-free toe area so they’re great for swelling, bunions and problem toes.

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Take good care of your feet

14 Aug 2013 16:26:46

If you can't walk comfortably, you're less likely to be active so it’s important for your health and wellbeing to look after your feet.

Our tips for looking after your feet

We only get one pair of feet so it’s important to take care of them. Here are some tips for keeping them in good condition.

  1. 1. Get them checked
    If you’re suffering from foot pain it’s important to get your feet checked. Fortunately, most common problems can be treated successfully by a podiatrist. 'As we get older, an annual foot health check is as important as a sight or hearing test,' says Mike O'Neill, Consultant Podiatrist and spokesperson for the College of Podiatry. 'Conditions like diabetes or circulatory problems can all be picked up by looking at the feet and common problems like corns, cracked skin and ingrown toenails can be successfully treated.'

  2. 2. Look after your nails
    Toenails that become too long can press against the end of your shoes and the constant pressure can cause soreness, infection or ulceration. Toenails that have been poorly cut can also become ingrown. If you’re struggling to cut your own nails, perhaps you could ask a family member for help. If that isn’t an option, many local Age UKs offer toenail cutting services for people over the age of 50. This service operates from a number of clinics around the UK and costs about £10 per visit. For more information, contact Age UK Advice on 0800 169 65 65.

  3. 3. Keep them moisturised
    As we get older, blood circulation to our feet starts to decrease. This leads to the loss of fat padding and causes your skin to become thinner and drier so your feet are more likely to develop cracks. A daily application of moisturising lotion will help to keep feet feeling soft and supple.

  4. 4. Exercise your feet
    Various exercises for feet and toes will help stretch, strengthen and relax them. Try toe curls by picking up objects with your toes and moving them from one pile to another. To stretch your foot, roll the bottom of it on a frozen water bottle, tennis ball or golf ball whilst seated.
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3 for 2 on creams and lotions

14 Aug 2013 10:21:12

We're offering our amazing '3 for 2' deal on all our creams and lotions. Choose from professional foot care creams, soothing gels to relieve aching muscles and premium-quality lavender products.

Back by popular demand, we're offering our amazing '3 for 2' deal on all our creams and lotions. Choose from professional foot care creams, soothing gels to relieve aching muscles and premium-quality lavender products that smell lovely and offer lots of health benefits. Our collection of carefully chosen creams and lotions are designed to look after your feet, legs and hands.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply add at least 3 creams or lotions to your shopping basket and enter the offer code WDC3F2 when prompted. Offer ends 20th August 2013.

Click here to view our Creams and Lotions.

Terms and Conditions

To redeem this '3 for 2' offer, simply add at least 3 creams or lotions to your basket and enter the code WDC3F2 when prompted. Cheapest item free. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. If you are returning items for a refund, all items must be returned to qualify. This offer expires at 11.59pm on 20th August 2013. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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Keep your feet protected from the sun!

12 Aug 2013 16:46:23

Nowadays we tend to be much more careful about protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. We don’t, however, always remember to protect our feet.

Don’t forget your feet!

According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, many of us don’t realize that skin cancer can occur on the feet and often overlook applying sunscreen to them. They warn that skin cancer of the foot is becoming more common and can even be fatal if not caught early.

During a study, volunteers at a beach were given sunscreen and told they'd be evaluated on how well they used it. Even though they had every reason to be diligent about sunscreen application, researchers found that the participants rarely applied it to the tops of their feet.

When asked why, half of the participants said it was because they didn't want sand to stick to their feet.

While the sensation may be unpleasant, our feet are just as at risk for skin cancer as the rest of our body. So lessen the risk and make sure you apply your sunscreen to your feet.

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What’s on in August?

8 Aug 2013 15:58:30

If you fancy getting out and about this August, there are lots of great events to enjoy around the UK.

Things to do in August

There are lots of things going on around the UK this month. With so many to choose from, we decided to pick out a few events that particularly appealed to us:

If you like the idea of seeing the sky full of hot air balloons, why not head to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta . It takes place on 8th – 11th August and for many, the highlight of the festival is the night glow. This stunning spectacle involves 30 ballooning teams lighting up their tethered balloons to a backdrop of spectacular fireworks and music.

Whats on in August?

The nightglow at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

From 13 – 14 August, one of Wales’s premier agricultural shows attracts visitors from across the UK. Competitive classes are held for farm animals, horticulture, crafts, cookery and dry stone walling. There are over 350 trade stands, an entertainment marquee and a country pursuits area.

In Scotland, the Edinburgh International Festival takes place from 9th August to 1st September. It includes opera, theatre, music and dance. For more information visit

In Northern Ireland, The Heart of the Glens Festival takes place form 3rd -11th August. It’s held every August in and around the village of Cushendall, with many locals and visitors making it their annual holiday. The 9 day festival covers a wide range of events for all age groups including a food festival and a vintage day.

Whatever you do and wherever you go this August, we hope you enjoy yourself! And if you know of any other events that are on this month, we’d love to hear from you.

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National Allotment Week - 5th – 11th August

2 Aug 2013 15:48:42

Allotments bring lots of benefits - not only to those who garden them but to the wildlife that inhabit them and the towns & cities that breathe a little easier because of them.

The benefits of having an allotment

Allotment Week

The aim of National Allotment Week (5th – 11th August) is to make people more aware of the benefits of having an allotment.

So what are the benefits? For a start, you can grow your own fruit and vegetables. There’s something very satisfying about sitting down to a healthy meal made from food that you’ve grown and harvested yourself.

You'll also be out in the open air getting some exercise which is not only good for you physically, but mentally too.

It can also be a good way to meet new people. Sharing advice and experiences with other allotment owners while you work can be a real bonding activity!

Sadly, allotments are constantly under threat from developers so it’s important that local communities support allotments. This year the organisers of the week are asking allotment gardeners and local residents to come together to 'Party on the Plot'.

So if you enjoy gardening why not get involved! To find out about allotment gardening, visit the National Allotment Society at

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