Poor circulation in the lower legs and feet can lead to swelling, discoloration and pain. Some individuals may find that the swelling and pain associated with poor circulation can lead to limited mobility. Fortunately, a circulation booster can help maintain the health of the lower legs and feet.

Circulation boosters work by creating an electrical impulse that stimulates blood flow. This impulse is first felt by the soles of the feet as they are placed on the circulation booster, but nerves throughout the lower leg are stimulated in the process.

Even active people can benefit from the use of a circulation booster. Sitting for only a short period of time can quickly result in swelling in the lower legs and feet, but a circulation booster results in an increase in blood flow.

A circulation booster can help regulate blood flow in patients suffering from the ill effects of, obesity and other conditions that result in poor circulation.

Individuals who prefer natural methods of staying healthy will appreciate that there are no drugs needed to increase circulation through a circulation booster. No drugs means no need to worry about interactions or negative side effects.