Nicknamed ‘Blue Monday’, the third Monday in January is said to be the most depressing day of the year thanks to a combination of bad weather, high debt and poor diet in the aftermath of Christmas. Research however, has shown that introducing some colour into our lives is a great way to cheer ourselves up. So instead of feeling down in the dumps, why not brighten up your day with a pair of colourful shoes or socks! 

Paint the town red

Red is a colour that’s associated with energy and happiness. A little can go a long way so a pair of red shoes is the perfect way to brighten up an outfit.


Daisy-Mae in Warm Red

Embrace the rich, warm tones of plum

A dignified colour, that’s perfect for any occasion, plum looks great teamed with olive green or grey. 


Adele in Plum

Enjoy a taste of spring

Put some spring in your step with a pair of floral slippers. Our Sarah slippers in Navy/ Pink Floral are made from a cool, cotton-mix fabric so they're great for feet that feel the heat.


Sarah in Navy/ Pink Floral

Feel in the pink

Your feet will be tickled pink in a pair of our Super-soft Bed Socks. Ideal if you have poor circulation or cold feet at night, they have a loose top for extra comfort.

Bed Socks

Super-soft Bed Socks in Blush

A burst of sunshine

Not only are these sunny, yellow socks very cheerful looking, they’re also very comfortable! Thanks to the ‘no-elastic’ Softhold® top they won’t dig in or restrict your circulation. 

Cotton-rich Softhold® Socks

Cotton-rich Softhold® Socks in Maize