The Bristol Harbour Festival is a free festival which celebrates the city's maritime heritage and the importance of Bristol's docks and harbour. 

The highlight of this year's festival is the arrival of three impressive ships - the Kaskelot, the Earl of Pembroke and the Phoenix - as they return home to their registered port of Bristol. Other nautical-themed events include the return of several Royal Navy boats, including its Hunt Class ship, while the three-day Western Boat Show will also be taking place.

And if that's not enough, more than 250 boats of varying shapes and sizes will be tied up at every available mooring along a four-mile stretch of the Harbourside, with familiar sights such as the SS Great Britain and The Matthew all set to appear.

If boats don't tickle your fancy, there's plenty of other entertainment to keep you busy. The Harbourside will be transformed by a diverse range of activities, stalls and performances.  There is also a huge outdoor concert at Lloyds Amphitheatre which will take place on the Friday night.

The Matthew

The Matthew that you see in Bristol harbour today is a modern reconstruction of the original Matthew that John Cabot sailed to Newfoundland in 1497