One of the world’s most famous flower shows

Every year the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea are transformed into show gardens and vibrant displays for the one of the world's most famous flower shows. The show has become an important venue for watching emerging gardening trends. New plants are launched and it’s often described as the garden design equivalent of Paris Fashion Week.

This year’s show includes the first concept garden from famous department store, Harrods. The Fragrance Garden designed by Sheena Seeks is a celebration of fragrance through flowers. There is also a perfumed theme from L’Occitane, with their ‘A Perfumer’s Garden in Grasse’, which reflects the perfume industry in the French town.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the show we’d love you to get in touch and let us know what it was like. And if you’ve got some photos you’d like to share, even better!