Cosyfeet has a large range of women’s wide shoes so how should you go about choosing a style that’s right for you?

A lace up style gives a very secure fit and also offers plenty of support and adjustment. Touch-fastening straps probably offer the most scope for adjustment and are ideal if tying laces is a problem due a medical condition such as arthritis. Strap extensions are also available if your feet are exceptionally swollen. They lengthen the touch-fastening strap giving you even more fitting flexibility.

RelaxRelax - Teal

In terms of materials, leather is probably the most traditional and hardwearing. If you have bunions as well as swollen feet, you may want to consider our stretchy Elastane styles. They won’t put pressure on painful joints or swelling as they gently mould to your foot shape. Our fabric shoes are great for sensitive feet as they are very soft and accommodating.

If you need to wear shaped insoles or orthotics we advise you to look for styles that are especially deep or have removable insoles.