Boots are a winter must-have if you want to stay warm, dry and comfortable through the colder months. If you have swollen feet and ankles you’ll need to look for wide fitting boots which are also adjustable.

A boot with a secure touch-fastening strap is very useful as it can be easily adjusted to fit any swelling. If one foot tends to swell more than the other, this gives you the flexibility to adjust your boots accordingly. It’s also important that the top of the boot opens out wide enough for you to be able to slide it easily onto a swollen foot.  If you have sore or sensitive feet it’s advisable to look for a boot that is seam-free at the front.

Boots made from a stretchy fabric, such as Elastane, are very useful if you have swollen feet and ankles as the material gently moulds to your foot and ankle shape and won’t put painful pressure on swelling.