Customer request: I have narrow heels and a bunion. Which styles would you recommend?

Liz, Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert says:

It’s not uncommon to have a combination foot where it is narrow at the back but wide across the forefront. There are a number of styles that I would recommend. For ladies, I would suggest trying Belle. The soft, padded collar of this trainer-style shoe fits both swollen and slimmer ankles and the deep lace offers lots of adjustment across the top of the foot. Other styles that I would recommend are Paradise, Sienna and Adele.

BelleBelle is a useful style if you have narrow heels & a bunion

For men, I would recommend Buddy, which is the male equivalent of Belle. You could also try Max, which has an adjustable lace or Gregory which benefits from a stretchy front that is ideal for fitting swelling and bunions.

GregoryGregory has a stretchy, elastane front which is ideal for bunions