Customer request: I have lymphoedema and struggle to find hosiery that fits. What would you recommend?

Liz, our Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert says:
We’ve recently introduced some Ultra-roomy Knee Highs to our hosiery range. They are the roomiest knee highs that we offer. They’re designed to fit very large or swollen legs so they would be ideal for someone with lymphoedema. They’re very stretchy which makes them easy to put on and they’re made from a soft, high-quality knit so they’re really, really comfy. They also have a comfort band that holds them gently but firmly in place so they don’t cut-in, sag or fall down. They’re available in 40 denier and 80 denier.

Ultra-roomy Knee Highs

If you prefer to wear tights, I’d recommend our Extra Roomy Everyday Tights. They’re made with lots more material in the feet and legs so they’re really roomy. Customers always tell me how easy they are to put on and how comfy they find them. The largest size we offer in these tights is Extra Extra Extra Large which fits hips up to 229cm (90”).