Customer request: I’ve always been big on the hips and thighs and find it hard to get tights that fit to the top of my legs. To add to this, I had kidney failure last year. I’ve put on so much weight around my middle that my tights feel like they’re cutting me in half! Please can you advise me on which tights to choose?

Liz, Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert says:

Like you, lots of my customers find that the tights they usually buy are not roomy enough, making them very uncomfortable. I would suggest our Everyday Extra Roomy Tights. They offer a very generous fit to the top of your legs and around your hips and waist. The extra large, extra extra large and extra, extra, extra large (which go up to a 90” hip) also have a back gusset for added comfort.

Our Extra Roomy Softhold® Light Support Tights are another good choice. They have a deeper-than-average waistband that won’t dig in and feel very comfortable around your middle.

Extra Roomy Everyday Tights