Normally £149.00, we're offering the Ultralieve Pro® for an amazing £99.00 (saving you £50.00) or £82.50 if you're eligible for VAT relief (saving you £66.50).

The Ultralieve Pro® is a remarkable handheld device that uses the healing properties of ultrasound. It penetrates deep into damaged tissues to speed healing and target pain, helping you to stay active and pain-free.

The Ultralieve Pro® uses the same technology used by doctors and physiotherapists for over 40 years. It's drug-free, safe and very effective. There's no heat, pain or side effects so you can even treat tender areas such as your ankles, wrists and forehead. And because it's portable, you can keep pain at bay, wherever you are and whenever you want - at home, work or on holiday.

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