Go for bronze, silver and gold with our collection of products that deserve a medal for comfort.

Daisy-Mae in Bronze

Thanks to the lower cut of this pretty shoe, it’s ideal if you have lots of swelling across your foot or around your ankle. The discreet, touch-fastening strap can be easily adjusted giving you tailor-made comfort that lasts all day.

Super-soft Bed Socks in Silver

Enjoy a comfy and cosy night’s sleep. Ideal for anyone with poor circulation, these snuggly socks keep the coldest feet warm. The brushed yarn is luxuriously soft while the loose top around the ankle offers extra comfort.

Healthy Back Bag in Gold

This luxurious, hardwearing bag is made of a beautifully tactile wool and acrylic mix with a subtle herringbone weave. Developed by a chiropractor, it won’t put pressure on your back, and neck or drag your shoulders down.