If you wear an orthotic, you will need to look for extra deep shoes. A shoe with extra depth gives you more room so that you can insert your orthotic without altering the fit. Some orthotic-friendly footwear is made with a deeper, roomier toe box. Some may have a removable footbed that you can take out and then replace with your own orthotic.

A good example of an orthotic-friendly shoe for women is Cosyfeet’s Audrey style. It is specially crafted to fit a variety of orthotic shapes including fairly large ones. As well as having a deep, roomy toe box, it has a removable footbed which gives you even more depth. It also has a higher back so that when you insert your orthotic the shoe stays securely on your foot.AudreyFor men, a good example of an orthotic-friendly shoe is Cosyfeet’s Buddy. This soft, sporty style is deep enough to fit most orthotics and has the added benefit of a lace which you can adjust to get the perfect fit.Buddy