EquipmentThis simple step-by-step guide will have you making beautiful arrangements in no time!

What you will need:

-          A container or basket (waterproof lined)

-          Floral foam

-          A sink full of cold water

-          An elastic band or florist tape

-          Secateurs or florist scissors

-          Flowers and foliage



    1. Float floral foam on the surface of a sink of water – do not force it under the water as this will create air-pockets:

Step 1

    2. Once soaked – secure it within your container, either with an elastic band, as we have done, or florist tape:

    Step 2

    3. Start by creating a foliage outline, this should stem from a central focal point to ensure a pleasing shape. As you do this, you can establish the desired shape, width and height:

    Step 3

    4. Add main focal flowers to the top and around the sides:

    Step 4

    5. Add filler flowers in between, at different heights to add interest. Place some deep within the design to create depth:

    Step 5

    6. Add extra foliage to cover any exposed foam:

    Step 6

    7. Check your arrangement from every angle for evenness and foam coverage. Add any decorative touches such as bows, tags, etc and your arrangement is complete:

    Step 7

    8. Top up the container with water on a daily basis and your arrangement should last for around two weeks:

Step 8

A big thank you to our local florist from Abundiflora in Glastonbury for providing such a great step-by-step guide. Have you made your own arrangement? We’d love to see it! Send your photos to and we’ll share them on social media