There are a number of wide shoes for women available from various suppliers in the UK but they will not necessarily fit swollen feet. Shoes that are specially designed for swollen feet generally have a wide heel seat and also increased depth to accommodate swelling.

To ensure swollen feet are comfy, shoes should ideally have smooth, seam-free linings and adjustable fastenings so they can be altered to accommodate swelling. The position of the fastening should be placed so that it does not cut into the instep or ankle. It is also important that the shoe opens out so that it is easy to get on and off a swollen foot.

Laced fastenings give the most secure fit with plenty of support and adjustment. Touch-fastening styles are ideal for those who are unable to tie laces easily whilst offering scope for adjustment. Strap extension pieces are often available for touch-fastening styles to accommodate exceptionally swollen feet.