Lift your spirits with a spot of gardening

According to a survey carried out by Gardener’s World, gardening is a great way to lift your spirits. It found that gardeners are less likely to display signs associated with unhappiness or depression. The poll of 1,500 adults in the UK found that 80 % of gardeners feel satisfied with their lives compared with 67 % of non-gardeners.

Gardeners’ World editor Lucy Hall says: ‘We have long suspected it, but our research means we can definitely say gardening makes you happy.’

‘Part of it comes from nurturing something but also a natural optimism that no matter how bad the weather, there’s always next year. It’s also about passing the seed of knowledge and the pleasure that gives.’

Gardening is also good exercise and it gets you out in the fresh air. In fact, outdoor pursuits in general bring the most happiness – 78 % of walkers are satisfied with their lives, as are 75 % of those who fish.