For those that are forever suffering swelling of the legs and feet, and have discomfort and pain in the feet and legs. The Revitive IX circulation booster is a great innovative device that can help to reduce swelling and improve circulation.

It is recommended that users take advantage of the device for at least 20 minutes daily. As a result of using it for 20 minutes each day they will notice an increased blood flow to the legs and feet.

It is a fantastic device to be used for people of all ages and walks of life. It has no side effects, and does not require any medication to be taken along with the device. In fact, there is no need to suffer with poor circulation and swelling of the legs and feet any more with the Revitive IX circulation booster. It is a great piece of machinery that everyone should consider purchasing. It does not take up a lot of space in the home and is not large like other equipment that is available on the market. It is very cost-effective and will not burn a huge hole in your wallet.

Leading UK Universities have carried out a number of clinical studies to build a foundation of research which proves that Revitive does what is says on the box.