The Revitive IX is an electronic device. It helps those that have poor circulation by boosting the blood flow to the feet and leg areas. It works by letting off electrical muscle stimulators to work the muscles in the feet and the lower leg area of the body. The device is very easy to use, and simply requires users to place their feet onto the foot pads on the device. Then, the electric pulses will send out electronic impulses that will stimulate the feet and target the nerve endings of the foot. As a result of this stimulation those that use the device will get increased circulation and decreased swelling of the feet and legs.

The large foot pads are very effective and have the ability to stimulate thousands of nerve ends in the feet. It makes the calf muscles contract and the legs will get a pumping action that makes blood flow a lot more to the legs and feet. Simply by using the Revitive IX for 20 minutes each day users will have much better circulation and be able to reap the benefits as a result of this. It is also suitable to be used no matter what age people are.

Leading UK Universities have carried out a number of clinical studies to build a foundation of research which proves that Revitive does what is says on the box