Not all large size hosiery is created equal! Rather than making it roomier throughout, some manufacturers simply make it longer in the leg or wider in the gusset, which results in badly-fitting hosiery that is uncomfortable to wear.

To produce large size hosiery that fits swollen or curvier legs with ease, it needs to be made on a larger cylinder, using more material throughout. This will ensure that it’s long enough in the legs and roomy enough in the thighs and waist.

For extra comfort, look for extra roomy hosiery that contains LYCRA®. This stretchy fibre helps to give freedom of movement and a better fit. Tights with a deep waist band will also enhance your comfort as they’re less likely to dig in. You may also want to consider tights with a back-panel gusset, as they allow more room and improve the fit.

If you’re worried about hold-ups or knee highs digging into swollen legs, look for extra roomy products with a soft top such as the Softhold® range from Cosyfeet. They are designed to stay up gently but securely, without pinching, cutting in or restricting your circulation. 

Soft top

Look for hosiery with a soft top

And if your legs are exceptionally swollen, we recommend trying Cosyfeet’s Ultra-roomy Softhold® Knee Highs. They’re very stretchy, which makes them easier to put on, and they have a maximum circumference of 80cm.

Ultra-roomy Softhold® Knee Highs

Ultra-roomy Softhold® Knee Highs from Cosyfeet