It is impossible to make a regular pair of narrow shoes into wide fitting shoes. The only way that you will be able to get a pair of these types of shoes is if you purchase them from a retailer or manufacturer who offers this type of footwear.

When making wide fitting shoes, manufacturers will go through the same process of creating shoes. The one thing different that these manufacturers will do is to pay very close attention to the width of the shoe. They will measure the dimensions accordingly, to ensure that the shoe is not the same width as the more traditional narrow shoes.

An individual who has wide feet that attempts to wear a narrow fitting shoe will be faced with a lot of problems. First of all, they will find it difficult to squeeze their wide foot into the shoe. Once their foot has made it into the shoe that they are attempting to wear, it will squeeze their foot together. This can cause the foot to have various deformities, due to how it is being forced inside the shoe.

Those that wear the wrong type of shoes that have wider feet will constantly feel like their feet are inflamed. They will notice blisters on their feet, corns, and bunions. These are just some of the deformities that can happen when a person chooses to wear narrow shoes, when they should be wearing shoes that are wider, The only way to avoid this from happening is to wear the right type of shoe.