As you might expect from the name, the difference between large size hosiery and standard hosiery is that it’s much roomier. Large size hosiery tends to be made on a bigger cylinder using more material in the foot and leg parts. This allows you to achieve extra width and stretch throughout the product. In turn, this offers a more generous and comfortable fit for the fuller figure and is ideal if you have swollen legs. Some companies refer to it as plus size while others may call it extra roomy.

For extra comfort, look for large size hosiery that contains LYCRA®. This will allow the material to stretch for enhanced comfort and fit. It also makes it easier to put on which is helpful if you have swollen ankles or legs.

Ultra-roomy Knee Highs

Ultra-roomy Knee Highs from Cosyfeet fit very swollen legs

If your legs are swollen, it’s recommended that you avoid wearing knee highs, hold ups or stockings that have a tight band at the top as this can restrict your circulation and worsen your swelling. Where tights are concerned, look for products which have a deep waistband as this will stop them from digging in and feeling uncomfortable. It’s also worth checking the gusset before you purchase your large size tights. Look for ones with a half panel or full panel gusset. This will allow for even more comfort and a better fit.