Do you struggle to find large size hosiery that’s roomy enough for swollen legs? The solution could be Cosyfeet’s Ultra-roomy Softhold® Knee Highs. Exclusive to Cosyfeet, they are the roomiest knee highs in our range of specialist hosiery. They’re manufactured on a specially made machine to achieve extra width and stretch in the foot and calf area. Designed to fit very large or swollen legs, they’re ideal if you have oedema (fluid retention) or lymphoedema.

Made in the UK from a soft, high-quality knit, they’re exceptionally comfy and very stretchy so you’ll find them easier to put on. They also have a comfort band that holds them gently but firmly in place so they don’t sag or fall down. They’re made with Elastane which gives a superior fit and have a lateral stretch of up to 80 cm. They also have a reinforced toe for extra durability.

The Ultra-roomy Softhold® Knee Highs are available in both 40 denier and 80 denier and in a choice of natural or black. Each pack contains 3 pairs of one colour.Ultra-roomy Softhold® Knee Highs