As you might expect from the name, the difference between large size hosiery and standard hosiery is that it’s much roomier. Large size hosiery tends to be made on a bigger cylinder using more material in the foot and leg parts. This gives a more generous fit for the fuller figure and is ideal for swollen legs. Some companies refer to it as plus size while others may call it extra roomy.

Large size hosiery is available in many fabrics. Nylon is often used as it’s strong but lightweight and can be washed easily. It also dries quickly and retains its shape. Nylon is often mixed with LYCRA® which gives the fibre extra stretch and enhances the comfort and fit. If you want a warmer option, look for hosiery which is made from SUPPLEX®. This is a clever fibre that keeps legs snug but still allows your skin to breathe. If you suffer from tired, aching legs or you’re on your feet all day then you might benefit from wearing light support hosiery.

Ultra Roomy Knee Highs

Ultra-Roomy Knee Highs from Cosyfeet

In addition to the various types of fabric, there are many styles of hosiery. Knee highs extend from the toes to just below the knee so they can be worn with most outfits. Hold ups and stockings finish higher up the leg so they’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to tights. If you prefer to wear tights, it’s worth checking to see if they have a back panel gusset as this will allow more room and enhance the comfort and fit.