If you have swollen feet it’s very likely that you need to wear extra wide shoes. It’s also likely that you need a shoe which can be adjusted to cope with any changes in swelling. Many of Cosyfeet’s shoes, slippers and boots have a touch-fastening strap which gives you the flexibility to fit a range of swelling. But what happens if your feet are so swollen that the strap just isn’t long enough?

Although the touch-fastening straps on our footwear are made to accommodate most swelling, if you are exceptionally swollen or have heavy bandaging then sometimes the strap doesn’t reach far enough across to fasten it. If that’s the case, our strap extensions allow you to extend the length of the strap by attaching a matching strap to it.

We supply strap extensions to lengthen the strap on most of our touch-fastening styles. Because they match the colour of the existing strap, they are very discreet and won’t spoil the look of your footwear.