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Men's footwear guide
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7 June 2022

Experience the comfort of Cosyfeet with our selection of men’s footwear

Do you, or a loved one, need footwear that is extra wide and deep, and ideal for swollen or problem feet? Look no further than our collection of ultra-comfy footwear.

Enjoy summer in comfort and discover our range of cosy slippers, on-trend shoes and stylish sandals.


Our bestselling slipper, Reggie

This smart, supportive slipper features underfoot cushioning for greater comfort. The seam-free front is roomy, so it’s great for painful or sensitive toes, while the touch-fastening strap adjusts easily to accommodate swelling.

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Enjoy the wonders of wool with Bjorn Sheepskin

Extra roomy men's slipper - Bjorn SheepskinExtra roomy men's slipper - Bjorn Sheepskin

An exceptionally comfy slipper, featuring a foot-shaped design, the wool upper gently moulds to your contours with wear. The natural climate control helps keep feet at the perfect temperature while the breathable wool absorbs moisture, so they stay comfy and dry. Complete with a flexible rubber sole, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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A stylish casual, Nick

Extra roomy men's shoe - NickExtra roomy men's shoe - Nick

Freshen up your look with this exceptionally versatile moccasin-style lace-up. Crafted from luxury leathers and nubucks, which gently mould to the feet, the tongue opens right out so it’s very easy to put on a swollen foot. Combining comfort and style with our on-trend cup sole, the lace-fastening adjusts for a flexible fit.

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Feel the comfort with Elvis

Extra roomy men's shoe - ElvisExtra roomy men's shoe - Elvis

This ultra-comfy casual includes a durable sole with a good tread, so it’s a great choice if you’re active. Made from soft, high-quality leathers, it’s really roomy in the toe area so it’s ideal for bunions as well as swollen and sensitive toes. Our exclusive ‘Hidden Depth’ feature also means it’s much deeper than it looks.

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A classic casual, Max

Extra roomy men's shoe - MaxExtra roomy men's shoe - Max

This comfy, leather lace-up has been cleverly designed to accommodate swollen feet without compromising on style. With a removable footbed for personal orthotics, it will accommodate a swollen foot, but works equally well if you’re less swollen too. The tongue sits neatly on the foot and opens right out making them easy to put on, and very adjustable.

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The perfect summer style, Felix

Extra roomy men's sandal - Felix Extra roomy men's sandal - Felix

A versatile style that gives the support and protection of a shoe but is ventilated to keep feet cool. It’s fabulously comfy underfoot thanks to the cushioned footbed and flexible sole which has built-in shock absorbency. The hand-finished leathers and antique-effect sole give an authentic, casual look.

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