If you’re a man with wide or swollen feet, then it’s important to look for wide shoes for men to give you the extra room you need. It’s also preferable to choose a style which has an adjustable fastening so that you can adjust it to accommodate additional swelling over the course of the day.

Laced styles tend to give the most secure fit with plenty of support and adjustment. Shoes that are designed for very wide or swollen feet often have a slightly longer lace which allows for fitting flexibility.


Stanley style from Cosyfeet can be adjusted to fit swelling

Touch-fastening styles offer lots of scope for adjustment and are ideal for anyone who has problems tying a lace. The positioning of the fastening should be placed so that it doesn’t cut into the front of the swollen ankle area. Strap extension pieces are often available for touch-fastening styles. Strap extensions lengthen the straps, so you can accommodate very swollen feet and ankles.


Elvis from Cosyfeet has a touch-fastening strap