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9 December 2020

New Year’s resolutions for your feet

After a long old year, your feet deserve some tender loving care. We’ve put together a few ways that you can start giving your feet the star treatment in 2021.

Feet on towels surrounded by candles and flower petals

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, one thing that doesn’t often spring to mind is your feet. But after a long old year, your feet deserve some much-needed tender loving care. So, as well as vowing to watch less television or keep on top of the dishes this New Year, make sure you put the comfort and wellbeing of your feet on your list of resolutions too.

To help, we’ve put together a few ways that you can start giving your feet the treatment they deserve in 2021.

Pamper and Moisturise

Exfoliating feet with a pumice stone

Who doesn’t love to feel pampered now and again? And our feet are not to be missed when it comes to soaking our troubles away.

BeautyMommy blogger Nada has several tips for getting baby-soft feet overnight, the first being to exfoliate using a shop-bought or homemade scrub. “Most of us have dry and cracked feet because we don’t take care of them,” says Nada. “Dead skin can cause our feet to become dry and patchy, but regular exfoliation will get rid of the dead skin and result in softer and smoother feet.”

After soaking your feet for 10 minutes in your bathtub or foot spa, Nada says to “apply and massage a small amount of scrub to your feet, giving more attention to areas like the balls of the feet and the heels, then leave the scrub on for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water.”

Sarah Waite, nail technician and blogger from Chalkboard Nails told us how as well as exfoliating, moisturising is also the key to maintaining silky-smooth feet: “Everyone wants nice looking hands, but your feet need some tender loving care too! The easiest thing you can do to improve the look and feel of your feet is to moisturise them. Just before bed, apply a moisturising lotion or body butter, and then pull on a pair of socks. You'll wake up with noticeably softer feet.”

Need some moisturiser recommendations? Check out our range of foot creams and lotions that your feet will thank you for.

Treat Yourself to a Pedicure

Getting a professional pedicure

Pedicures are like an MOT for your feet, nail polish is optional! After a year of taking you to near and far places, the ultimate treat for your feet is to book in for a massage and pedicure with a professional. Relax and unwind as your therapist soaks your feet, trims and buffs your toenails before finishing up by massaging a soothing moisturiser into your feet.

To maintain your soft and renewed feet, Sarah recommends investing in a foot file. “If you're ready to take your home footcare up a notch, invest in a foot file, but avoid ones that have a blade or look like a cheese grater. Keep the foot file in your shower, and at the end of your shower, when your skin has been softened by the heat and the water, use it to exfoliate your heels and any rough skin you may have.”

Buy a New Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Markle in Peacock

Style pictured: Markle

With the new year comes new ethics, and ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ springs to mind when it comes to footwear! It’s time to put aside that old, worn pair of shoes you’re attached to because they are ‘comfortable’. The new year is about starting afresh, so now’s the time to invest in a new pair that are comfortable, but also look the part, complement your wardrobe and will have you feeling like a new person.

Comfortable doesn’t have to mean basic - there are plenty of shoes out there that are both attractive, fashionable and comfortable. Cosyfeet offer a range of wider fit shoes that are extra roomy, comfy and suitable for a range of occasions in an array of styles. So, if a lack of comfort is what’s stopping you from buying yourself a new pair of shoes, Cosyfeet have got you covered.

Start Doing Foot Exercises and Stretches

A person stretching their feet

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, but let’s not forget about exercising our feet! Doing some foot exercises and stretching out our lower muscles from time-to-time is a great way to encourage good blood flow and can help alleviate any pains and discomfort. But there’s more to it than just flexing your toes.

Great Western Hospitals recommends some easy exercises for strengthening and stretching your feet that you can do in the comfort of your own home. See below two exercises to get you started.

Heel Raise

  • Stand with your feet wide apart and knees bent
  • Put your hands on your knees or on your waist
  • Lift one heel off the floor
  • Put it down again
  • Repeat 10 times with each foot

Ankle Pull

  • Sit on a chair
  • Cross one ankle over the other knee
  • Place your hand on the top of your foot and stretch your ankle by gently pulling your toes down
  • Hold for 20 seconds
  • Feel the stretch in your shin
  • Repeat 3 times with both feet

Great Western Hospital recommends completing their list of exercises a minimum three times a week to strengthen your muscles and improve overall foot comfort.

Don’t Ignore Foot Problems

Podiatrist holding a foot

Medical professionals can sometimes describe our feet as ‘windows’ as they can often indicate a health problem elsewhere in the body. It’s for this important reason that your final New Year’s resolution for your feet should be that you get any unusual foot problems checked out by a GP as soon as possible, as it could be an indication of something bigger.

Podiatrist Jake Heath from Kenton Heath Clinic told the Mirror: “We neglect our feet and put up with signs and symptoms that, in any other part of the body, would have us running to medical professionals,” and it’s very true – how many of us have had a foot issue that we’ve ignored and waited to see if it would ‘go away on its own’?

Jake says that some common symptoms to be aware of include: a swollen toe, which could indicate gout; your nails turning club-shaped, which could point to a lung condition; sore toe joints, which could signal rheumatoid arthritis as well as ulcers and numbness which could be a sign of diabetes.

The list of symptoms to be aware of is endless, but Jake’s biggest advice is to not take a chance if you notice any changes in your feet. “Speaking to your GP or podiatrist about changes in colour, or shape of nails is a good idea,” says Jake, as an early diagnosis can be key to preventing any long-term damage, as well as identifying any underlying health conditions.

From treating your feet with new, roomy footwear to buying yourself a soothing foot cream, Cosyfeet stock a range of feel-good foot products on our website that are sure to kick-start your new year in the right direction.