It isn’t always easy to find footwear to fit if you’re not what’s considered a ‘standard’ size. Recognising that we come in all shapes and sizes, Cosyfeet offers a selection of footwear in hard-to–find sizes.

Size 10 shoes for women

As well as going up to a size 9 in all our women’s footwear, we offer a size 10 in a small selection of styles. Paradise is available in size 10 in Stone; Alison is available in size 10 in Black and Connie (2014 version) is available in size 10 in Black and Taupe.

Paradise in Stone is available in size 10


Extra extra roomy shoes

If you have very swollen or bandaged feet and legs, we have a unisex slipper-shoe called Rowan which is ideal when nothing else will fit. We also have Jonny, a men’s open-toed slipper-shoe which is perfect if you have lots of swelling as well as problem toes.

Rowan is designed to fit exceptionally swollen or banged feet


Single slippers

If your feet are different sizes and you want to buy a mixed pair of slippers, we offer single slippers in a couple of styles. For women, you can buy Eliza or Helen in Navy in half or mixed pairs and for men we have Richard and Robert in Brown.

Eliza in Navy is available to order as a single or mixed pair