If you’re looking for wide shoes for women it’s important to understand how footwear width is measured.

Often shoes just consist of a number which indicates the length of a shoe e.g. size 6. This is because many shoemakers only provide a standard width for economic reasons. Most women’s shoes are sold in what is known as a standard or D fitting. This can make it extremely difficult for people who need wide shoes due to wide or swollen feet to get the fit and comfort that they are looking for.

The width of a shoe is generally measured in millimetres and then assigned a letter. The letters A or C designate a narrow shoe, while the letter E is the most common designation for wider shoe. The more letters, the wider the shoe. For example EEEEE or 5E is wider than EEEE or 4E. If you find that most shoes feel narrow or pinch and squeeze your feet, it’s a definite sign that you need wider fitting shoes and need to look for E width fittings.

All Cosyfeet footwear for women comes in an extra wide fitting of EEEEE+. It’s one of the widest, deepest and roomiest fittings you can buy. Thanks to the extra width and depth, all Cosyfeet footwear is suitable for swollen feet. It can also fit wide feet, problem toes, bunions, bandaging, mis-shapen feet and orthotics.