Have you spotted the first signs of approaching spring? With bulbs appearing and wildlife waking up as light levels and temperatures increase. There's also plenty to do to prepare for the coming season, so we’ve gathered some top tips to get your garden ready ahead of spring:

-          Cut down deciduous ornamental grasses left standing over winter, before the fresh shoots appear.

-          Finish your winter pruning of fruit trees, including apples, autumn raspberries and blackcurrants.

-          Sow sweet peas in deep pots and keep them frost free in a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill.

-          Install a nest box with a camera, so you can watch the birds raising their broods this spring.

-          Lift and divide snowdrops still 'in the green' if you want to move them or create more plants.

-          Sow mustard and cress in a small seed tray on a warm windowsill for pickings in just a few weeks.

-          Make fat-ball feeders and hang them among roses to attract blue tits, which will also forage for overwintering pests.


Snowdrops are a cheerful reminder of the brighter, warmer months ahead

Spring usually arrives by mid-March, which isn’t very far away! The frequent sunny days provide the perfect opportunity for lots of gardening tasks. It will be time to get busy preparing seed beds, sowing seeds, cutting back your winter shrubs and generally tidying up around the garden.

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