The Great British summer can be varied and predictable with a heatwave one day and heavy downpours the next. There’s no such thing as typical weather so it helps to have a variety of men’s wide shoes to ensure that you’re equipped for all temperatures and occasions. They also make a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day!

For warmer weather, an obvious choice is sandals as they allow the air to circulate around your feet. If you need support around your ankle, look for styles with a closed back.


The closed back on Bingley offers lots of support

If you prefer to keep your toes covered, you could opt for a ‘shandal’ which is a cross between a shoe and a sandal. It gives the protection of a shoe but is still ventilated to keep feet cool.


Floyd ‘shandal’ from Cosyfeet

Fabric shoes are another good option when the temperatures start to rise. They tend to be lighter in weight than leather shoes and are great if you have sensitive feet. Look for styles made from cotton, as they will help to keep you cool and comfy. They can also double up as a slipper if you prefer not to go barefoot when you’re indoors.


Henry style from Cosyfeet is made from cotton

Although we don’t tend to associate boots with the summer, it’s worth investing in a pair if you enjoy walking or hiking. Look for styles that are waterproof so that you can wear them comfortably in all weathers.

Genuine leather shoes are also a good choice in the summer as they allow your feet to breathe and sweat to escape. This promotes a healthy environment within your footwear ensuring feet stay fresh and dry.


Woody in Tan is crafted from soft leather