We have wide fitting shoes to suit every outfit and occasion in our seasonal collection. So no matter where summer takes you, you’ll be prepared!

Beach days


Sunny from Cosyfeet

Soak up the sun in style with our comfy sandal. Sunny has a soft, spongy insole and cushioned padding at the heel so you’ll feel the comfort in every step. 

Sunny Strolls


Jump from Cosyfeet

These sporty-looking sandals are so soft and comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! The stretchy fabric lining adjusts to the contours of a swollen foot to give a supremely comfy fit. 

Weekend Breaks


Belle from Cosyfeet

This soft, supportive style will keep you comfy and supported when you’re on the go. Made from soft premium leathers and seam-free at the toe, Belle is an exceptionally comfy shoe.

Summer celebrations


Hettie from Cosyfeet

Celebrate weddings, christenings and birthdays in style this summer. Hettie is a stylish heel that’s both stable and supportive.

Stay-at-home days


Molly from Cosyfeet

Lightweight and cool, this pretty, cotton-lined sandal is the perfect choice for relaxing at home or pottering in the garden.