Summer is the season for socialising. As well as being the most popular time of year for weddings and christenings, it’s also a time when friends and families come together for drinks and barbeques. It’s helpful to have a variety of wide shoes at your disposal, so you can be ready for every occasion.

Heels are the obvious choice for parties and formal occasions. Look for styles that have a supportive heel so that you can feel comfortable and confident. Styles with a touch-fastening strap are helpful as you can adjust them if your feet tend to swell as the day goes on.


Hettie from Cosyfeet has a stable and supportive heel

Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable wearing a heel. You can still look fabulous in flats. If you want to add a bit of excitement to your outfit, why not go for an interesting pattern such as a floral or animal print. 


Add some interest with Cosyfeet’s Koryl shoe in Leopard print

If you’re looking for something more relaxed and informal, then you could try a trainer-type shoe. Lace-up styles are great if you need a bit more support in your shoe and are ideal if you’re likely to be on your feet for a while.

If you want an indoors style, for relaxing at home, a cotton-mix slipper is a good way to stay comfy and cool over the summer. Sandal styles are useful as you can adjust the straps to fit and they allow air to circulate around your feet and toes. 


Stay cool and comfy with Millie from Cosyfeet