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26 April 2018

Sustainability at Cosyfeet

At Cosyfeet, we really value our responsibility to do our bit for the environment. Read our latest blog post to find out the ways we are reducing waste and improving sustainability at Cosyfeet.

At Cosyfeet, we really value our responsibility to do our bit for the environment. Here is our latest blog post to show the ways we are reducing waste and improving sustainability at Cosyfeet:

We’re sending fewer letters. Using telephone and email communication has helped to reduce our paper wastage.

Reducing out of stock items. This means fewer despatches so less waste packaging and transport pollution.

Recycling bins around the whole business. Where possible, everything is recycled in every department.

Recycling bins

 Recycling bins are in every department at Cosyfeet

We’re reducing packaging on products. Buying products pre-packaged means there is less packaging for transporting.

Reviewing all packaging. We’re currently reviewing our use of plastic packaging and looking into alternatives.

Charity donation. When returned items cannot be put back into stock, we tend to donate them to charity, which helps someone in need as well as reducing our product wastage.

Relocated shoe production. We recently moved manufacturing from India to Spain and Portugal; as well as making the production time much quicker, we have greatly reduced our carbon footprint. The factories also procure the materials locally, again reducing the transportation needs. We also manufacture and source a number of products from the UK.

Reusing shoe boxes. The improved quality of our shoe boxes means they can be reused for returned items.

Shoe boxes

Our improved, robust shoe boxes can be reused

Caring for the environment is not limited to businesses, so we have gathered some great ideas for reducing your waste at home:

Turn off electrical items when they’re not in use. This will save you money on electric power.

Fix leaking taps. The average UK citizen uses 150 litres of water a day! Reduce this average by having that drippy tap mended.

Reduce food waste. Instead of throwing out of date food away, start a compost heap in your garden – click here to find out more.

Recycle more. Try to buy products which feature recyclable packaging; find out more about the major supermarkets' sustainability plans here.

Go paper-free. Changing to online banking, billing and other communications can reduce your paper wastage considerably.

Take reusable bags with you when you shop. This will save you having to buy them at the till and reduce your plastic use.

Use reusables! Instead of plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable one that can be cleaned and refilled to help tackle plastic bottle wastage.

Do you have some tips on reducing, reusing and recycling? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!