As we get older our circulation can deteriorate and lead to problems such as swollen feet, muscle cramps, cold hands and feet and tired, aching legs. Any exercise, even gentle walking, can help improve our circulation as the muscles in our feet and legs help pump blood upwards.

The movement of blood is very important because it carries and delivers things that the body needs to stay well. For example, blood allows oxygen from the air we breathe to be carried from our lungs to other parts of our body. Blood also carries the waste that our body wants to get rid of.

Exercising your feet can help reduce swelling in your feet and ankles, prevent cramps in your leg muscles and help push excess fluid from your feet and legs back to your heart. Try these simple do-anywhere foot exercises:

- Bend and stretch each foot up and down 30 times.
- Rotate your foot one way eight times, and eight times the other way.
- Repeat with the other foot.

Exercises for swollen feet