After the wettest winter in a hundred years, scientists are predicting that 2014 will be the hottest summer on record. If your feet tend to swell in the heat, investing in a pair of wide fitting sandals could help you stay comfy and cool when the temperatures start to climb.

Swelling of the legs and feet is called peripheral oedema and is very common. When the swelling is heat-related, it’s referred to as heat oedema. But what causes our feet to swell more during the summer months?

When we encounter warm or hot weather, it’s a natural reaction for the blood vessels to widen. This widening of the blood vessels leads to swelling, which is a mechanism our bodies use to help us cool down. This swelling, however natural, can be very uncomfortable or even painful, particularly if you are already prone to suffering from swollen feet and legs.

Sandals with a flexible fastening can be helpful if feet swell in the heat as they can be adjusted to fit as the day goes on. Adjustable fabric sandals made from cotton can also help keep swollen feet cool and comfortable.