If you have very swollen legs then wearing tight-fitting socks will only add to your discomfort. Finding a pair of socks that doesn’t pinch, squeeze or dig-in can be a great relief, particularly if you have a condition that causes your legs to swell such as oedema or lymphoedema.

Developed especially for people with very large or swollen legs, the Fuller Fitting Long Sock from Cosyfeet is super-stretchy for an exceptionally comfy fit. It also has a special ribbed construction that holds the sock up gently but securely and won’t dig into your skin, cause pressure or leave nasty ridge marks.

The Fuller Fitting Long Sock is made in the UK from a mix of high-quality cotton and stretchy Elastane and has a flat toe-seam which won’t rub or irritate sensitive toes and skin.
Fuller Fitting Long SockThe Fuller Fitting Long Sock from Cosyfeet