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16 December 2016

Walking more could ‘save thousands'

Tens of thousands of lives could be saved each year in the UK if people got off the sofa and stretched their legs, say charities.

Getting active saves lives

According to a recent report, tens of thousands of lives could be saved each year in the UK if people simply walked more.

The Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support concluded in their “Walking Works" report that walking could transform people's health by decreasing the odds of heart problems and stroke as well as making a difference in conditions such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's and many cancers.

According to the report, walking works for a number of reasons:

  • Walking is already one of most popular physical activities in the world and it’s open to nearly everyone
  • Walking is free – you don’t need expensive gym membership or special shoes to take part
  • You can wear everyday clothes so you won’t feel you stand out on the street
  • Walking is gentle, so you’re unlikely to get injured
  • It’s fun to get together with friends and go for a walk
  • It’s a healthy way of getting where you need to be
  • You can do it almost anywhere at any time
  • You can start off slowly and build up gradually as you get more confident

If you don't walk already and want to find out how to get started, you’ll find lots of tips and advice on the ‘Walking for Health’ website at

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