It is an electronic device that has been designed to help those that suffer with poor circulation. The revitive circulation booster works by using electrical muscle stimulation. It works specifically on the feet and lower leg areas of your body. It is a great investment to have when you suffer from poor circulation and have had frequent bouts of swelling in your ankles and leg areas.

All you have to do to have healthy legs with the revitive circulation booster is to put your feet on the pads, sit down and relax whilst the electrical pulses that it sends out stimulate and revive your feet. You will feel very relaxed, and your circulation will increase as a result of using it. Leading UK Universities have carried out a number of clinical studies to build a foundation of research which proves that Revitive does what is says on the box. No other device out there on the market is quite like it.

You may get reduced swelling in your legs and feet. You may no longer have to suffer from having tired and aching legs. You may get increased circulation just by using the device for 20 minutes a day.