The Revitive ix circulation booster is a special type of device that has been tested by by leading UK Universities in a number of clinical studies. The device is designed to help improve blood circulation by applying electrical impulses to the soles of the feet. The impulses force the legs to contract and relax creating a pumping action. As a result, the blood immediately moves through the veins in your legs and back to your heart.

This device is the only device of its kind that is proven to help reduce swelling that individuals experience in their feet and lower legs, as well as alleviate any pain and discomfort that are felt in these areas. Aside from offering these benefits, the device will also naturally help improve blood circulation, improve cold feet, and increase oxygenated blood within the lower legs.

Revitive ix circulation booster has been tried and tested by multiple people, and they have already seen the results of using the product. One thing that this device has that other circulation boosters lack is it utilizes an IsoRocker to gently create joint movements throughout the ankle region. It forces you to do heel and toe raises, which will in turn, force the blood to circulate back through the legs and up to your heart the way that it is supposed to.