If you need wide fitting boots due to swelling, then the chances are you’ll need them to be roomy at the ankle as well as across the foot. Designed especially to fit swollen feet and ankles, the Pixie boot from Cosyfeet offers you a very flexible fit if you suffer from swelling.

The ankle part is soft and stretchy and it has a double touch-fastening strap which gives you lots of adjustability. It also makes it very easy to pull on over trousers or thick tights. If you need extra depth to fit an orthotic, the insole and comfort footbed is removable.Pixie boot The Pixie boot from Cosyfeet is ideal for swollen ankles

If your feet and ankles are especially swollen, you could try Cosyfeet’s Patty for women or Patrick for men. Described as the ‘ultimate problem solver,’ these soft and stretchy boots fit very swollen feet and ankles as well as bandaging. They also open right out so they’re easy to get on and off a swollen foot.