When it comes to making wide fitting sandals for swollen feet, comfort is just as important as an extra roomy fitting. That’s why we incorporate premium materials, advanced foot-comfort technology and flexible fittings into our designs.

Our Sunny is a good example of a typical Cosyfeet sandal. Designed for maximum comfort, it has 3 adjustable fastenings which offer a flexible fit for swollen feet. The nature-form last and toe shape gives a secure base for the foot while the soft leathers and spongy footbed offer all-day comfort.

It’s very flattering to swollen feet as it has ample foot cover and it has a broad toe opening that allows toes to sit comfortably. It’s also a good choice for women with sensitive feet as the footbed is very cushioning. The sole is made from the lightest PU compound available which gives a balance of durability, shock-absorption and lightness. The lasted construction provides a supportive base through the length of the sandal with good flex across the instep.Anatomy of a sandal