If you suffer with hot, swollen feet in the summer, the obvious solution is to wear a pair of wide fitting sandals. However, not everyone feels comfortable wearing a sandal with an open toe, especially if your toes are misshapen or sensitive. If that’s the case, one way to get around this is to wear a ‘shandal’. Part shoe and part sandal, it means your feet can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Cosyfeet have introduced a new ‘shandal’ to their spring/summer 2016 collection called Shelley. This sweet, summery style is ideal if you like the protection of a shoe but you still want your feet to breathe.ShelleyShelly has a pretty punch detail and odour-resistant sock which ensures that your feet stay cool and fresh. It’s also very comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable strap, cushioned sole and super-soft lining.