There are lots of reasons why you may need wide fitting shoes. The most obvious is if your feet are wider than average which is something that can happen as you get older. That’s because as we age, the tendons and ligaments that link the many tiny bones in our feet lose elasticity. This allows the toes to spread out and the arch of the foot to flatten. In fact some over-40s can gain as much as one shoe size every ten years.

Swelling in the feet can also create the need for wider shoes. Whether it’s caused by an illness, the side effects of medication, poor circulation or even by the weather, it’s important that you find correctly fitting footwear. We recommend looking for footwear that is both extra roomy and adjustable so that you can alter the fit depending on how much your feet swell. A style with a touch-fastening strap is ideal.

If you have bunions it may be an idea to try a wider fitting shoe that is made from Elastane. This soft, stretchy material is ideal for fitting sensitive, swollen or awkward shaped feet. It’s very comfortable, it gives lots of freedom of movement but it also retains its shape and doesn’t become overstretched or saggy.

As well as stretching to fit around swelling and bunions, Elastane won’t put pressure on painful, problem toes. It’s also an ideal fabric if your feet tend to swell and change shape during the day as it means you can have all-day comfort without having to adjust your footwear.

wide fitting shoesThis stretchy Elastane style from Cosyfeet is ideal for fitting bunions