A staple of our spring and summer wardrobe, wide fitting sandals are designed to keep feet cool when the temperature starts to rise. Many sandals are designed with an open toe, but they may not be suitable if you have sensitive or unsightly toes.  If you want to protect or conceal your toes, there are plenty of ‘shandal’ styles around which offer the ventilation of a sandal with the protection a shoe.


Shelley ‘shandal’ from Cosyfeet keeps feet cool but protected

If you need to wear an orthotic, look for a sandal with a closed back and sides. The closed sides will allow you to wear a half or full length orthotic while the closed back will help to hold the orthotic in place.


Sunrise sandal from Cosyfeet is specially designed to fit an orthotic

If you have bunions or your feet tend to swell over the course of the day, it may be useful to try a sandal made from a stretchy material such as Elastane. Otherwise known as Spandex, Elastane is a synthetic fibre that’s renowned for its exceptional elasticity. There are lots of benefits to using Elastane in footwear. It stretches to fit around swelling and bunions and it won’t put pressure on painful, problem toes. It’s also an ideal fabric if your feet tend to swell and change shape during the day as it means you can have all-day comfort without having to adjust your footwear


Hop sandal from Cosyfeet stretches to fit bunions & swelling

If you have very sensitive feet, you may feel more comfortable in a sandal that’s made from fabric. Cotton is ideal as it keep feet cool and comfy and allows your feet to breathe. Fabric sandals can also double up as an indoor house shoe or slipper.


Millie from Cosyfeet works well as a sandal or slipper