Do you have exceptionally swollen or bandaged feet? Do you find that the straps on your Cosyfeet wide shoes aren’t quite long enough? Most of our touch-fastening styles have matching strap extensions which you can buy separately. They lengthen the touch-fastening straps on your footwear to give you even more room.

As you can see in the image below, the extension pieces are made from the same material as the touch-fastening straps.

Wide shoes Skye in Stone with matching strap extensions

Strap extensions can be ordered by post, phone or online and cost £4.50 per pack (or £3.75 per pack if you are eligible for VAT relief). Sufficient pieces are supplied to extend all the straps on your chosen style. To buy them online, simply search for the specific footwear style, click on the strap extensions tab and then add the product to your shopping basket.